JAZZ BABY (Book Review)

by Beem Weeks


Book Info:   JAZZ BABY is set back in the summer of 1925 in Mississippi. We read about Emily Ann Teegarten and her life as it is flipped upside down with one horrific incident after another. Forced to live with her aunt, Emily begins plotting her escape, with nothing but a dream to sing jazz in New York City. She hopes that the speakeasies of New Orleans are short stepping stones to her dream in the Big Apple. BUT Emily is introduced to more than she could’ve imagined.

My Review:   We read from the eyes of young Emily Ann and you can’t help but feel like you’re walking beside her. Emily experiences things that will completely shock you, but her reaction and maturity will often make you forget she is barely a teenager. These shocking moments may even anger you because they seem so realistic. This can be said for the entire book. Emily’s journey, the characters, the dialogue…everything seems real, as if the story were unfolding right before you. The characters we are introduced to are colorful and unique, making the book that much better.

JAZZ BABY is filled with suspense, action, drama and even humor. The author’s writing skills truly shine in this debut novel, making it very worthy of 5 stars. You are hooked from page one and on the edge of your seat through each little suspenseful twist.

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