Social Media Tips

Tired of researching tips on how to better utilize your social media accounts? Fear no more. Below, you will find tips for 5 social media forums – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Have your own advice to add? Feel free to do so in the comments section!


1.  Hashtags greatly increase engagement, but more than 3 can decrease that engagement. (FYI: Using hashtags #retweet or #rt is highly suggested and could give you some fabulous exposure.)

2.  Adding an image to a tweet can improve your reactions. Plus, if you enjoy creating your own image, that image can also help get your message across.

3.  Make use of the “List” feature. You can create your own List of your favorite Tweeters. This will make for easier retweets and conversation. You can also follow others’ Lists. Remember that you are building a name for yourself, so align yourself with like-minded people and businesses.


1.  Hashtags are not favored in the Facebook World, so it’s better to simply avoid them.

2.  Aim for 3 to 5 posts each day. Keep your followers interested. Ask for their input or suggestions. Involve them. You can even offer rewards for sharing your posts, like giveaways.

3.  Join and participate in groups that relate to your business or niche. Engage with other Facebook users, by liking or commenting on their posts.


1.  Make your profile stand out. Type up a short description about who you are, what you stand for and what you’re all about. You can also include your website link. Bonus… You can periodically change your profile script, based on a current promotion or event, by including the specific link.

2.  Hashtags play a large role on Instagram. I’ve seen up to 20 hashtags in a single post. That’s where Instagram differs from Twitter. The more, the merrier! Also, a lot of people put their hashtags in the first comment of the post.

3.  Instagram was originally created to help users tell a story, so do exactly that. Tell a story with your pictures. This is even more possible with the option of loading multiple pics in a single post. Involve your followers; ask them for input or to share their own stories.


1.  Be creative when naming your boards to pique interest, but keep the board’s subject still obvious. You don’t want your followers guessing what their about to view.

2.  Make sure you know what you’re pinning. In other words, don’t pin it if you don’t click it. There’s a lot of spam and viruses out there, even on Pinterest. You don’t want to subject yourself or your followers to anything like that.

3.  Pin like crazy!! You should add pins to each Board on a daily basis. And I don’t mean a few. Think double-digits. Make yourself a goal (of say 50 total pins a day or whatever is reasonable for your schedule) and stick to it. This will greatly help build your traffic.


1.  Create an awesome profile. Be brief, honest and creative. You want people to see the real you, but you want them eager to learn more. Use keywords in your profile; this will help people easily find you. And don’t forget that gorgeous, but professional profile pic.

2.  Engage with like-minded people, groups and companies. LinkedIn is all about networking, so make it happen.

3.  Endorse your connections for the skills you know they have, the skills you admire. There’s a chance they may return the favor. (Just don’t be selfish and expect that!)

*Final Tips*

1.  When it comes to social media, be consistent all across the board. That means staying organized and making the most out of each social media account with daily posts/tweets/pins. Keep your followers engaged, keep them up-to-date on promotions and events, and keep them interested. You’re making a name for yourself. Let that show throughout your accounts.

2.  Keep an eye on your traffic. In the beginning, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t; what piques interest and what doesn’t; what sales and what doesn’t. Be mindful to what your followers want. Adjust when necessary.

3.  Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to use all social media platforms. Go with what you know, with what you’re comfortable with, and with what makes sense with your business or goals. Never take on more than you or your schedule can handle.

4.  Don’t forget to socialize/network/engage! We’re all here for the same reasons. We want to have our voices heard and let people know what we’re about. Whether it’s your blog, your business site, or your connection to family & friends. Your word won’t spread if you only stick to your page. Promote and support others and they may just do the same for you.

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